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Проект Еразмус+ Жан Моне Модуль

"Європеїзація докторських програм у галузі освіти"

Europeanization of Doctoral Studies of Education

№ 600071-EPP-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE

Jean Monnet Project EURDOCS 2018-2021

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Зміст статті


December 1984 – by present time – Sumy Makarenko State Pedagogical University

Senior Lecturer (till 10. 1991), Docent (till 04. 2006), Head of the chair of pedagogy (2006-2008; 2015-by present), Vice-Rector of the University for Research (2008-2015).

Academic staff member - teaching the following courses: Comparative Education, Comparative Higher education, Innovative development of Higher Education; Project management in Education

Coordinating 2 national projects (“Theoretical and organizational principles of management of educational innovations in  the risk society” (2010-2012), “Theories and Technologies of Innovative Development of Education: Global and Regional Contexts” (2013-2015) ); participation in more than 80 international events (workshops, conferences, forums, seminars etc.),

Chief editor of scientific journal, indexed in International databases (Index Copernicus International et.al);

Research consultant for 16 research works  (PhD dissertations in the field of comparative education, 12 of which dealing with the problems of innovative development of  higher and secondary education

 Publication – author of 200 scientific and methodological papers, textbooks and manuals for students at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels