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Проект Еразмус+ Жан Моне Модуль

"Європеїзація докторських програм у галузі освіти"

Europeanization of Doctoral Studies of Education

№ 600071-EPP-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE

Jean Monnet Project EURDOCS 2018-2021

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The founder and leader of one of the most prominent comparative education research schools in Ukraine with special focus on education in EU countries, established over 30 years ago. As an expert of Interministerial committee for coordination of research projects (dissertations) in the field of pedagogics and psychology, she works on ensuring the quality of doctoral research. More than ten years she is the Head of Specialized Scientific Board with the right to conduct defense of doctoral dissertations in the field of education. Chief editor of scientific journal, indexed in International databases (Index Copernicus International, CrossRef et.al); a research consultant for 16 research projects (PhD dissertations in the field of comparative education, 12 of which dealing with the problems of modernization of higher and secondary education in EU. In 2009 she was a visiting scholar at Indiana University-Bloomington and Montclair State University, has successfully completed University Administration Support Program funded by Carnegie Foundation of New York.

Research and expertise: comparative higher education, theory of educational reforms, management of innovations in higher education, internationalization of higher education, risk management in higher education, quality assurance in European higher education, digital innovations in higher education.